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About Us

Our Members:

1. Joseph Camara, Jr    Information  Technology (IT) Chair 

2. Mark Delventhal  Treasurer - Finance Committee Chair

3. Tom Gee  (Honorary Visitor Member)

4. Joewoen Gregory Club Service

5. Regina S. Guillory President-Elect 2022-23 and Membership Chair

6. Michael Jackson

Youth Committee Chair - International Service Committee

7. Saralinda Jackson

Past 2020-21 President - Youth Committee & Finance Commitee

8. Cheryl Meares (on leave)

9. Pam Miller Community Service Committee

10.Sid Miller Board Secretary

11. Harold Pearson Social Media Committee & Club Service

12. Dr. Bill Riley Fundraising Committee Chair

13. Jim Thompson Social Media Committee & Fundraising Committee

14. Michelle Thompson Fundraising Committee

15. Jeff Trowbridge Parliamentarian - Community Service Chair

16. Lenora Williams-Omenka International Chair - Youth Committee  & Social Media Committee 

17. Bill Beatty (friend of the club)

18. Liz Williams-Reed (NEW MEMBER!)

19. Martin Guillory (NEW MEMBER!)

*Young Professional Members :

20. Akilah Shaheed

21. Cherise Hunter

22. Christina Hunter

23. Deja Deja Fernandez

24. Jesse Jackson

25. Lauren Reed

26. Qimmah Hameed

27. Qiyamah Hameed

28. Sulaiman Hameed

29. Rachel Jones

*Piedmont Montclair Rotary Youth Chartered Group Piedmont Scout Troop 15

  • Ranging up to 90 youth members boys and girls

  • Scout Master Glenn Tripp 

*SPAAT (Student Program for Academic & Athletic Transitioning) Oakland High School Piedmont Montclair Rotary Club Youth Group 

  • CEO Harold Pearson

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