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Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 17, 2021, 12:15 – 1:30 PM  Sequoyah Country Club and ZOOM Link    
Present:  Lenora Williams-Omenka, Jeff Trowbridge, Pam Miller, Sid Miller, Mark Delventhal, Dr. Bill Riley, Jewon Gregory, Regina Guillory, Martin Guillory (guest), Liz Washington (guest), Doug Dobson, Susan Stasi (guest speaker)

TOPIC: Call to Order and Welcome

Discussion: Lenora Williams-Omenka opened the meeting at 12:20 pm

Action/Outcomes: Called the meeting to order and welcomed Zoom Piedmont-Montclair members and guests

TOPIC: Pledge of Allegiance

Discussion: Pledge of Allegiance at 12:23

Action/Outcomes: Pledge led by Dr. Bill Riley (Rotarian of the Month)


TOPIC: Word of Inspiration or uplift to begin our meeting

Action/Outcomes: Dr. Bill Riley led us in a mind-building skill quiz to heighten our visual recognition skills. We were all outsmarted by 3rd graders, yikes! Enjoyable and fun. 

TOPIC: Rotary Fellowship

Discussion: Club Member Updates!

Action/Outcomes: 2 Members will be out of town in the following months: Tom Gee will be in Hawaii for 2-3 months (starting mid-August) and Joseph Camara Jr will be out of town the month of September.  A special Get Well Soon to our member Herb Houston.

TOPIC: Rotary Member Awards & Member Recognitions

Discussion: Pam Miller - NEW Member Recognition, Saralinda Jackson - Paul Harris Award, A Special Happy Birthday to Sidney Miller


TOPIC: Day in History

Discussion: Mark Delventhal

Action/Outcomes: Retracing of historical moments in time on this very day in history

TOPIC: Speaker

Discussion: Kevin Jenkin

Action/Outcomes: Peralta Community College Board of Trustees Area 2

Zoom Recording: ttps://


TOPIC: Rotarian of the Month 2021 Calendar

Action/Outcomes: Dr. Bill Riley is the September 2021 Rotarian of the month. Harold Pearson is the October 2021 Rotarian of the month.


TOPIC: Adjourn

Action/Outcomes: Meeting Closed at 1:38 pm

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