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Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 24, 2021, 12:15 – 1:30 PM  Sequoyah Country Club and ZOOM Link    
Present:  Lenora Williams-Omenka, Jeff Trowbridge, Pam Miller, Sid Miller, Mark Delventhal, Dr. Bill Riley, Jewon Gregory, Regina Guillory, Martin Guillory (guest), Liz Washington (guest), Doug Dobson, Susan Stasi (guest speaker)

TOPIC: Call to Order and Welcome

Discussion: Lenora Williams-Omenka opened the meeting at 12:20 pm

Action/Outcomes: Called the meeting to order and welcomed Zoom Piedmont-Montclair members and guests

TOPIC: Pledge of Allegiance

Discussion: Pledge of Allegiance at 12:23

Action/Outcomes: Pledge led by Michael Jackson


TOPIC: Word of Inspiration or uplift to begin our meeting

Action/Outcomes: Dr. Bill Riley led us in a mind-building skill quiz to heighten our visual recognition skills. Enjoyable and fun.

TOPIC: Rotary Fellowship

Discussion: Club Member Updates!

Action/Outcomes: 2 Members will be out of town in the following months: Tom Gee will be in Hawaii for 2-3 months (starting mid-August) and Joseph Camara Jr will be out of town the month of September.  A special Get Well Soon to our member Herb Houston.

TOPIC: Day in History

Discussion: Mark Delventhal

Action/Outcomes: Retracing of historical moments in time on this very day in history

TOPIC: Speaker

Discussion: Adrien Abuyen, Director of Operations and Charlie Deterline CEO

Action/Outcomes:  SOS Meals on Wheels


“SOS Meals on Wheels is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that addresses the issue of senior isolation and hunger locally. Initially called Service Opportunity for Seniors, SOS was founded by a compassionate community activist named Emma Vargas in 1966 as an extension of an outreach program to seniors in an old church facility in Hayward. The program expanded steadily over the years, adopted the Meals on Wheels moniker and model, and in 2013 SOS Meals on Wheels designed and completed a new commercial kitchen in San Leandro, dramatically increasing our ability to meet the needs of seniors in the community. SOS Meals on Wheels currently delivers 1,800 meals daily.” 


The program feeds Seniors in need of meals. Volunteer drivers to deliver the meals are welcome and will go a long way to ensure meals are delivered and Seniors have a check-in with a smile, and a brief chat to make sure they are safe. Awesome program!


NO ZOOM recording due to technical issues.


TOPIC: Rotarian of the Month 2021 Calendar

Action/Outcomes: Dr. Bill Riley is the September 2021 Rotarian of the month. Harold Pearson is the October 2021 Rotarian of the month.


TOPIC: Adjourn

Action/Outcomes: Meeting Closed at 1:38 pm

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